Tesla Model S Plaid Demonstrates High Reliability When Trying to Submerge in Water

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 16, 2021

Tesla Model S Plaid Demonstrates High Reliability When Trying to Submerge in Water

Photo: Chillin’ with Chet

Tesla Model S Plaid demonstrates high reliability when attempting to submerge in water. Instead of sinking like an ICE car, the Tesla actually acts like a boat.

Chillin’ with Chet decided to make a submarine out of Tesla Model S Plaid in the literal sense of the word. The team dug a huge trench 7 feet deep and set out to get the car to sink into the water, hit the bottom with its wheels and pull out on the other side. To make sure the car sinks, Chillin’ with added 4,000 pounds of extra weight.

Despite the team's best efforts, the Tesla Model S Plaid performed at its best, much to the host's chagrin. While in the water, the car became a safe boat for a period of time. Although the Chillin’ with experiment failed, it demonstrated superior performance in a vehicle capable of protecting its occupants even when in deep water.

In recent years, the whole world has been witnessing serious climate change. For example, this summer, many countries faced unprecedented rainfall that led to large floods. While cars with internal combustion engines are almost instantly submerged in water, Tesla cars have already proven themselves as safe vehicles many times, even on deeply flooded streets. Thus, Tesla owners can be sure that if their car becomes submerged, it will not immediately sink, dragging passengers with it.

Elon Musk has mentioned in the past that Tesla cars can operate like makeshift boats for short periods of time. This is due to the fact that electric vehicles have very good insulation to reliably protect all of their components from moisture, and also do not require air intake into the transmission, as cars with internal combustion engines do. Thus, water cannot get into the parts of the car, which means it can remain afloat.


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