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Tesla Model S Plaid Joins the Collection of the Legendary Jay Leno

Tesla Model S Plaid Joins the Collection of the Legendary Jay Leno

Photo: Jay Leno's Garage

Car expert and Tesla fan Jay Leno is delighted with the Model S Plaid, which he recently tested on the drag strip. The novelty from Tesla has become the fastest production car in the world, which undoubtedly made Leno fall in love with the car so much that he bought one for himself.

Jay Leno is one of Hollywood's most distinguished guys. He is a huge Tesla fan and currently owns a Model S. Leno believes that electric cars are the future and the days of gas-powered cars are numbered. “I have a Tesla. I’ve had it for three years. I've never done anything. There’s no fluids to change. There’s nothing,” Leno said in 2020.

As a longtime Model S owner, it seems like Leno decided to upgrade it by purchasing nothing more than a Tesla Model S Plaid. Jay Leno's Garage posted a tweet stating that the legendary host is showing off HIS new Tesla Model S Plaid. The photo shows that there is a genius car designer from Tesla—Franz von Holzhausen—in the garage; these guys probably have a lot they could talk about.

In mid-May, the famous Jay Leno was spotted at the Autoclub Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield testing Model S Plaid. In early June, he joined Spike's Car Radio and shared some interesting details about the electric sports sedan. Leno confirmed that he and an NHRA official were present when Plaid set a new record quarter-mile time of 9.247 seconds. In addition, he had the opportunity to test-drive a Model S Plaid and was amazed by the experience.

The car expert was really impressed by the performance of the Model S Plaid, which is the same (or better) than vehicles of very expensive ICE car brands. He stressed that despite the fact that it costs $130,000, Model S Plaid has the same performance as cars with internal combustion engines, for which you'll have to spend at least $1 million.

Leno said he loves this car for other reasons as well. For example, he is a fan of American technology developed in America using local materials: "I'm a huge fan of American technology - especially products developed here in America with locally sourced stuff and that's why I love this car."

Leno's collection of about 300 vehicles (cars and motorbikes) is housed in several aircraft hangars. He also has almost encyclopedic knowledge about cars and their history. Leno has an excellent taste for cars, and Model S Plaid has become a favorite.

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