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Tesla Model S Plaid Rear Cradle & Electric Drive Module Are a 'packaging symphony'

Tesla Model S Plaid Rear Cradle & Electric Drive Module Are a 'packaging symphony'

Photos: Munro & Associates

The Tesla Model S Plaid is a true work of art, no matter how we look at it. The classic design with many modern details renders it timeless, and the high performance it has thanks to new technical solutions and components make it a vehicle of a new generation.

Automotive expert Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates tore down a Tesla Model S Plaid and has a lot to share with the public. Since up to this point Sandy had only worked on Model 3 and Y and had never tore down Model S or X, he brought in Jordan Arocha, Program Manager at Munroe & Associates, who has experience in this area. The experts examined the Tesla Model S Plaid Rear Cradle and Electric Drive Module and were very pleasantly surprised.

The Rear Cradle and Electric Drive Module contain the motors, gearbox, rear suspension, and many other components that carry a highly functional load in the vehicle. Experts note that Tesla made the cradle from various high-grade aluminum alloys, which are ideally matched depending on the location and the load being carried. Jordan points out that there is a large single-piece cast that does the job of managing the upper camber link. He emphasizes that the architecture throughout the rear subframe is extremely stiff and allows the suspension to be tuned really well. That is, the stiffer and more stable this design, the easier it will be to tune the suspension and the better performance drivers will experience.

Jordan emphasizes that the packaging of the Cradle and Electric Drive Module are a 'packaging symphony,' which is the result of top-notch work. All components are perfectly enclosed in this structure, which not only looks cool but also reflects the tremendous work of Tesla's engineers and cross-functional teams. Looking at this, Jordan claims that Model S Plaid is a completely new generation of vehicle.

Sandy, who has worked for almost every major OEM in the world, also stressed that he had never seen such a result of the work of different teams of one automaker. The Tesla Model S Plaid Rear Cradle and Electric Drive Module is a great demonstration that there weren't just different departments working on different parts for one structure, but one team was working closely together to create this amazing structure. This stunning result indicates that the teams at Tesla are tightly collaborative—which is unique in the automotive industry.


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