Tesla Model S Plaid Spotted in China

Tesla Model S Plaid Spotted in China

Photos: @常岩CY

Tesla Model S Plaid is spotted in China, causing a lot of buzz. At the moment, it remains unknown whether this is the car delivered by Tesla, or whether it was privately brought into the country.

Tesla cars are certainly very desirable in China. While citizens have access to Model 3 and Model Y produced at the local Giga Shanghai, Model S and Model X Plaid have yet to be delivered to customers. However, auto blogger @常岩CY shared on Weibo today (via CnEVPost) some photos and videos of the Red Multi-Coat Model S Plaid taken in Foshan, Guangdong. These were the first photos that testified to the appearance of the car in China. The Model S was charging on a Supercharger, after which it was loaded onto a car carrier designed for one car.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether the spotted car was delivered by Tesla itself or if it was a private delivery. However, notable is the fact that the license plate space was the same size and shape as on cars for markets outside the US, for example, Europe or China. This indicates that the vehicle was not made for the US market.

Model S and X Plaid were previously expected to start delivering in China in the spring of 2022. However, Tesla was faced with unforeseen circumstances beyond its control. Due to COVID-19, its factory in Shanghai was shut down for three weeks. The lockdown also caused the supply chain to be disrupted, and component shortages led to a slowdown in production. Only in the third quarter did the manufacturer recover from the difficulties, which means that the plan to launch Model S and X Plaid in China can also be implemented soon.

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