Tesla Model S Plaid Unofficially Runs a Stunning 1:29.9 Lap of Laguna Seca

Tesla Model S Plaid Unofficially Runs a Stunning 1:29.9 Lap of Laguna Seca

Photo: The Kilowatts/Twitter

Tesla Model S is a truly impressive car, and its Plaid and Plaid + versions will surely impress even skeptics. Boasting excellent performance characteristics, Model S Plaid (or Plaid +) scored a 1:29.9 lap of Laguna Seca, according to unofficial data.

A few days ago, The Kilowatts/Twitter managed to film two Tesla Model S on the Laguna Seca Raceway. According to their video, the lap time of the red Model S Plaid (or Plaid +) is 1:29.9, which allows it to take 11th place--all time--on this track. It is worth noting that only supercars designed specifically for races drove better than Tesla Model S Plaid and 5 out of 10 are not production cars.

The leader among production cars is the McLaren Senna (P15) with a lap time of 1 27.62. However, like the other production cars on this list, it is still a supercar designed for racing, while the Model S is a four-door family sedan. Comparison of their cost is also worth separate attention. While a buyer will have to pay about $1.3 million for a McLaren Senna, a Tesla Model S Plaid costs about $113,000, and a Plaid + about $143,000, which is 10 times less.

It should be noted that this time is unofficial and was only recorded based on the shooting time of The Kilowatts. We also do not know what exactly was changed in these cars, although usually Tesla leaves all the interior elements and does not lighten the car during testing. However, these results give us a glimpse of the power and performance of Model S Plaid, and its specs seem insane.

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