Tesla Model S Saves Life of Driver Who Crashed into a Building

by Eva Fox February 08, 2021

Tesla Model S Saves Life of Driver Who Crashed into a Building

Photos: 7NEWS Sydney

The safety of vehicle occupants should be a priority for all car manufacturers. In its cars, Tesla has made every effort to do this and, as practice shows, it saves lives. After an accident in Sydney, Australia, the driver of a Tesla Model S managed to avoid injuries after colliding with a building.

Unfortunately, people are unreliable drivers. In addition to the fact that a person may not be attentive or can be distracted by something, he or she can drive drunk, which, unfortunately, leads to sad consequences. That is why, achieving level 5 autonomy is a vital necessity for all of humanity.

On the evening of February 5, Australian time, an accident occurred in Sydney. The driver of a Tesla Model S drove onto the sidewalk and crashed into an office building. According to the photos, the front of the vehicle suffered significant damage. However, the NSW ambulance said that their assistance was not required, because the driver was not injured at all, which once again underlines the high level of safety of Tesla vehicles.

After taking a blood alcohol test, the police concluded that the 27-year-old man was drunk. He was arrested and taken to a police department, where he was charged with a felony and is due to appear before a local court in March this year.

Tesla cars have proven many times that they are one of the safest vehicles in the world. Model S is one of the safest cars on the road. Model S’ safety record is proven by its NHTSA and Euro NCAP 5-star safety rating, along with setting a record of the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants when tested in the United States.

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