Tesla Model S Saves Driver's Life After T-Boned by 6,000-lb Truck

Tesla Model S Saves Driver's Life After T-Boned by 6,000-lb Truck

Photo: Col. Ronald Abramson/Twitter

The design of Tesla cars is aimed squarely at providing the highest safety to its occupants. Recently, a Tesla Model S saved a young driver's life after being T-boned by a 6,000-lb truck.

Owner of Model S P100D, Col. Ronald Abramson/Twitter, shared the story of how a Tesla Model S saved his 20 year-old son's life. On the night of July 8, the young man was driving a Model S, which belongs to his father. As he was driving on a 55 mph divided highway, the vehicle was hit by a 6,000-lb Dodge Power Wagon, which had run a red left turn light trying to get on the highway interchange. He rammed the Model S on the left side, exactly where the driver was. Considering the high speed of the vehicles, the collision was huge. The Dodge Power Wagon slammed into the driver's side door, knocking the Tesla off the ground and pushing it into the steel light signal, causing a second collision for the car. However, due to the extremely robust body structure of Model S, the driver sustained only minor injuries.

Ronald told Tesmanian how shocked he was when he received a call from his son: "My son called me from the Tesla telling me he was in an accident and was trapped in the car. It is the scariest call a father could ever receive." He also said that he immediately received a call from Tesla informing him that his car was in a serious accident and offer to activate 911.

"About 15 seconds later, the Tesla automated center called me to say the car had been in a serious accident and they would activate 911 if we needed it. What an amazing feature that is."

According to Ronald's story, the police could not believe that after such a violent collision, someone could survive being in the sedan. However, the young man left the car with only a few scratches. The happy father is immensely grateful to Tesla for the fact that it designs its cars, first of all, striving to make them the safest.

"That Tesla saved my son's life, there is zero doubt in my mind. Not only did it have an incredibly built safety cage which prevented serious intrusion into the car cabin by the massive truck which hit the car nearly square on the driver's door, but it also had that very low center of gravity which prevented the Model S from rolling over. Any other car would have been crushed and rolled over many times from the force and speed of that collision."

In addition to providing excellent protection for the driver, the active driver assistance systems did an outstanding job as well. The car had identified a possible collision earlier and took some urgent action. At first, the car maneuvered in an attempt to avoid the collision; then, it braked sharply to reduce the force of the impact from the collision. The Model S' systems also tightened the seat belt that secured the driver milliseconds before the collision, which prevented him from likely severe whiplash.

After Ronald spoke about the worst day of his life, he sincerely thanked Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk for saving his son's life.

"It’s been only a week, but I am so thankful that he was in that Tesla. My Model S was obliterated but it saved my son's life that day. I cannot be more thankful to Tesla and Elon Musk for putting safety first in the design of the world’s best car."

The safety of car occupants should be a priority for all car manufacturers. In its cars, Tesla has made every effort to do this and, as practice shows, it saves lives. Tesla vehicles have proven many times to be of the safest vehicles in the world.

Like other Tesla models, Model S holds the title of one of the safest cars in the world. The Model S' safety record is backed by a 5-star NHTSA and Euro NCAP safety rating, as well as setting the record for the lowest probability of passenger injury when tested in the United States. Time and time again, Tesla cars have proven their supreme safety all over the globe. For good reason, safety is one of the most important criteria when choosing a car—and it’s clear that Tesla has gotten it right.

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