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Tesla Giga Berlin Should Get Final Building Permit, as 'there is no reason for the denial,' Says Minister of Economy

Tesla Giga Berlin Should Get Final Building Permit, as 'there is no reason for the denial,' Says Minister of Economy

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Tesla Giga Berlin is awaiting the final environmental building permit. The Minister of Economy of Brandenburg is confident that the manufacturer will soon receive it since there are no reasons for refusal.

Tesla is continuing the construction of Giga Berlin with preliminary permits and has already finished the shell of the building. At the moment, the installation of equipment and testing of systems continues. For one month, the factory's documentation was publicly available and all objections may be filed within the next month. After reviewing them, Tesla can obtain a final environmental building permit. There are no reasons for Tesla not to receive approval, according to the Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy Jörg Steinbach.

Steinbach is confident that, from the current point of view, nothing stands in the way of obtaining final approval. Although environmental groups have tried several times to revoke preliminary permits, they have been defeated in court because they have no real basis to enforce their demands.

The Minister of Economics is confident that “from the point of view of the Ministry of Economics, there is no reason for the denial of approval at the moment, provided that no unforeseen events occur during the approval process,” he said at the request of the German Press Agency. “Tesla has shown during the application process that everything will be done to remove obstacles to approval,” continued Steinbach. In his opinion, this has been proven in the past, for example, with regard to Giga Berlin’s water need, or when the number of piles required there was reduced.

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