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Tesla Model S Shows Impressive Results in Extreme Cold-Weather Testing

Tesla Model S Shows Impressive Results in Extreme Cold-Weather Testing

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Tesla Model S shows impressive results in extreme cold-weather testing in Norway. The car traveled farthest of all competitors, overcoming part of the route at lower temperatures than others.

Model S is an excellent vehicle that has a number of advantages over competitors. When it comes to driving in cold temperatures, the car also stands out. Motor conducted its standard EV testing in Norway to provide critical data for car enthusiasts and customers.

The Tesla Model S Standard was the only car to cover 450 and 500 kilometers point (280 and 310 miles, respectively). However, this did not become the limit for it, as the luxury vehicle covered 530 kilometers (329 miles). The Model S Standard broke the record set by the Tesla Model 3 LR, which covered 521 kilometers (324 miles), setting a new benchmark.

This year, 29 electric vehicles underwent the winter testing. They all drove the same section of the road, however part of the Model S route included more difficult conditions, as the car drove further. During testing, the ambient temperature was -5 to -10 degrees Celsius (23 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit). However, Tesla Model S was able to go further, and climbed the mountain, where the temperature was -12 degrees Celsius (10.4 degrees Fahrenheit). In addition, Motor reported that due to technical reasons, the car was only 98% charged, instead of 100%, as in other tested vehicles.

Another important information the Motor received was the percentage loss of range of EVs compared to what was claimed. Here the lead was held by Maxus Euniq 6, which lost 10.45% and only covered 197 miles. However, Tesla Model S was just behind it, in second place, losing 16.4%. 

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