Tesla Model S that Police Assumed Spontaneously Combusted Was Actually Set Ablaze by Arsonist

Tesla Model S that Police Assumed Spontaneously Combusted Was Actually Set Ablaze by Arsonist

Image: KREM 2 News/YouTube

A Tesla Model S fire in Spokane, Washington, turned out to be intruder-made, video shows. The police initially wrongly and irresponsibly assumed that the car's battery had spontaneously ignited.

Late last week, J.R. Harriston was visiting a friend in Spokane, Washington. Friday at 12:40 a.m. his car caught fire, for, at that time, unknown reasons. At the Spokane Police Department, Harriston received an unofficial reply that the fire was likely caused by spontaneous battery combustion, according to KREM 2 News. The policeman who spoke to him said that electric cars “tend to” catch on fire. Since such a claim is misleading and the statistics show otherwise, it remains unknown where the responsible police officer investigating such cases obtained the information. In response to the officer's absurd allegation, Harriston expressed his disagreement, but the policemen tasked with investigating the case maintained their position.

Later, the owner of the car was able to get the video taken by the cameras that were activated by Sentry Mode. This mode allows activating the car's cameras at the moment when the vehicle registers unusual activity around it. The resulting video showed an unidentified man pouring gasoline on a parked Model S and then setting it on fire.

The police officers started the real work only after they saw the video and are now looking for the culprit. However, it is very worrying that professionals, guided by false information, did not want to do their job responsibly, working through all sorts of options for what could have actually happened. In this case, it is clearly felt how the propaganda of lies against Tesla causes great damage to consumers and the whole of society.

Tesla cars are sometimes targeted by vandals and criminals. People who oppose EVs, Tesla, Elon Musk, or for some other reasons, cause damage ranging from blocking a Supercharger and scratching cars, to causing more serious damage, such as arson. In any case, Sentry Mode has already helped solve crimes many times. The more often such actions of intruders are punished, the less they will try to damage Tesla cars. It remains to be hoped that the police will responsibly perform their work, contributing to the disclosure of crimes, and not ignoring the facts of their commission.

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