Tesla Model S/X Performance Raven Will Get New Launch Mode

Tesla Model S/X Performance Raven Will Get New Launch Mode

Being the fastest electric car in the world for Tesla is not enough. Therefore, Model S and Model X, Launch Mode was added in the update.

Launch Mode is a quick start mode that is usually found on powerful supercars. When it is activated, control is transferred to the computer, which provides effective acceleration from a standstill. At the same time, wheel slip is minimized, maximum traction is achieved and power is optimized. Launch Mode provides optimum acceleration for closed circuit driving and surfaces with good traction.

Green, hacker who "delves" into Tesla’s codes and publishes interesting information, shared it yesterday on Twitter. He wrote that Model S/X Performance based on Raven gets an updated Launch Mode.

Now, in order to increase traction, Adaptive Suspension performs a "cheetah stance" and adjusts damping. This means that the Adaptive Suspension lowers the front axle so that the launch runs even more smoothly. Reduced clearance gives not only better stability, but also better aerodynamics.

To do this, the user must set suspension to LOW prior to launch.

Step 1: Firmly hold the brake pedal with your left foot

Step 2: Fully press and hold the accelerator pedal while holding the brake pedal. Wait for "Launch Mode enabled” message.

Step 3: To launch, release the brake pedal. For optimal launch traction, wait for front suspension to lower further.

Based on the information received by Green, the car’s power output was not increased, and Launch Mode has been improved with powertrain enhancements that increase acceleration performance and repeatability.

It seems that with this improvement, the acceleration of Models S/X Raven will become even faster and stunning. Well, the owners of these cars will soon have some fun.

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