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Tesla Model S & X to Have Rotating Screen, Munro Teardown Shows

Tesla Model S & X to Have Rotating Screen, Munro Teardown Shows

Photo: Munro Live/YouTube

Tesla Model S and X will have a rotating screen, Munro's teardown reveals. The mechanism is currently missing some components and is expected to be available at some point after being upgraded by a service center.

Refreshed Tesla Model S and X are already extremely cool cars, with impressive features and performance to boot. However, it is clear that these vehicles will still continue to improve, as indicated by recent observations made by Munro Live/YouTube during the teardown of Model S Plaid.

Automotive expert Sandy Munro and his team continue to tear down Model S Plaid and find more and more secrets, new technical solutions, and possibly new features. While examining the dashboard, experts discovered that the center screen has a hidden mechanism that allows it to be rotated and adjusted to suit owner preference.

A more detailed study of the mechanism showed that some components are missing there. Experts suggested that two motors should be installed there, each of which would be responsible for turning in a certain direction. In addition, the screen motion guiding element is missing. After some simple manipulations, Munro's team demonstrated and explained how it would work.

All refreshed Model S and X delivered to date do not have the rotate screen feature active. Obviously, without the missing components, this cannot be achieved. Munro Live made the logical assumption that in the future Tesla would offer upgrades through a service center. If this were not in the plans, then the manufacturer would not even begin to install this expensive mechanism in their cars.

In addition, a team of auto experts drew attention to the fact that the screen has some additional behind-the-scenes features. It is installed directly on a single-cast part in one piece, on which the rotary mechanism itself is then attached. Instead of using an extra piece of plastic, the coating is sprayed directly onto the casted plate, which greatly saves production costs.

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