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Tesla Model X Now Eligible for US Federal Tax Credit, FSD More Affordable

Tesla Model X Now Eligible for US Federal Tax Credit, FSD More Affordable

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Tesla has slashed the prices of its Model S and Model X electric vehicles in the US. Not only did this make them more affordable to buy, but it also made Model X eligible for the $7,500 government tax credit for electric vehicles.

Tesla gave consumers a great gift with another round of price cuts on their cars. The manufacturer has reduced the prices of Model S and Model X in the US, making them much more affordable. Now their cost is up to 19% lower compared to previous prices. This has opened opportunities for consumers that were previously unavailable.

According to the online configurator, Model S dual motor all-wheel drive now costs $74,990. This reflects a 15.3% decline in price. The Model S Plaid tri-motor AWD is now $89,990, down 17.05%. These cars have become an attractive deal for a wider range of consumers.

Model X dual-motor AWD is now $79,990, down 18.8%. This means the car is now eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit. This is great news for a lot of consumers, as the actual price of the car will be $72,490 after the credit is taken out, if qualified. Unprecedented for a car of such high class. Model X Plaid tri-motor AWD is now also more affordable. Its price is $89,990, down 17.1%.

The amazing surprises for consumers do not end here. Tesla has made all color options for Model S and X vehicles no extra cost. Now you do not have to spend thousands of extra dollars to get the color you want, which in fact reduces the purchase price as well.

Despite an already lavish list of bonuses, Tesla proposed yet another stunning one. Now, the cost of full self-driving (FSD) is $3,000 cheaper than before. Instead of $15,000, you can now buy it for $12,000. While critics may point out that such actions of the company could reduce its income, Tesla cares about its development in the long term. During the Q2 2023 Earnings Call, Elon Musk said that the company is ready to sell cars cheaper with the expectation that future revenues will come from the company's FSD software.

The greater affordability of FSD now could provide Tesla with more training data that will move the company closer to fully autonomous driving faster. Given that Tesla has launched its supercomputer, it is obvious that it has moved to very active actions in order to achieve its goals as soon as possible. Now, the training of neural networks will be even faster.

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