Tesla Model X Spotted Benchmarking by Ford

Tesla Model X Spotted Benchmarking by Ford

Image: Ford Authority

Ford constantly monitors the development of Tesla cars, testing its various models. This time, the automaker was seen to be benchmarking Model X, something that seems to have never been done before.

Tesla is clearly a leader among electric vehicle manufacturers. It was the Texas manufacturer who started the revolution and ensured the widespread acceptance of EVs. Tesla has sold millions of EVs over the years and is on track to deliver over 1.8 million units this year alone. Consumers have shown a clear preference for Tesla, and competing automakers are wondering: How did Tesla achieve this?

Part of the answer to this question is hidden in the depths, namely in the very cars Tesla makes. Therefore, it is tested by various automakers, and Ford is no exception. Over the past couple of years, the company has been seen testing the Model 3 sedan, Model Y crossover, and the larger Model S Plaid sedan. However, the company has never been seen benchmarking the Model X.

It seems that this has changed. Ford Authority, which keeps track of Ford updates, spotted the manufacturer benchmarking the Tesla Model X. It was a dual-motor all-wheel-drive variant, not a Plaid, in solid black with standard 20-inch Cyberstream wheels.

So far, Ford has not had an electric car that could directly compete with the Model X. Its Mustang Mach-E is a competitor to the Model Y, which is the best-selling car in the world in the first half of 2023. At the moment, it is unclear whether Ford is preparing to develop a new car or is trying to figure out the super technologies that Tesla uses to produce its cars.

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