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Tesla Model Y Added to Fleet of the Central Washington University Police

Tesla Model Y Added to Fleet of the Central Washington University Police

Photo: Central Washington University

The Central Washington University (CWU) Police Department is helping the institution achieve its sustainable development goals by adding energy-efficient vehicles. Tesla Model Y has joined the University's police fleet to reduce its CO2 emissions and save thousands of dollars in operating and maintenance costs.

Tesla Model Y joined the CWU police car rotation in December and will be used to patrol the campus in place of the Ford Explorer, David Leder, Department of Public Affairs CWU said. CWU Police Chief Jason Burton-Koch said the new Tesla will contribute to the state's environmental goals of moving to electric vehicles by 2040, as well as the university's efforts to ensure sustainability. He also expects the car to impact Central's maintenance budget in the long term.

“We're the first higher education institution police department in the state to invest in this technology, and that shows that we are leading the way with regard to sustainability,” Berthon-Koch said, adding that the cost of a fully outfitted Tesla was about $7,000 more than a patrol-ready, gas-powered vehicle.

The department expects the vehicle's return on investment to far exceed the additional upfront costs. CWU expects to save thousands of dollars in fuel over the life of the vehicle, even without considering thousands of dollars in maintenance costs, since electric vehicles do not require the same maintenance as gasoline-powered vehicles.

“It cost a little more up front, but over time, we will save about $18,000,” Berthon-Koch said. “When you consider the environmental benefits, we know this car is going to be a great investment for CWU.”

“CWU is committed to driving down our greenhouse gas emissions, and adding more electric cars to our fleet is only going to help us reach our goals,” CWU Sustainability Coordinator Kathleen Klaniecki said, noting that CWU is gradually reducing the number of gas-powered vehicles on campus, independent of the governor's order. “This car is just one of the many steps we have taken in recent years.”

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