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Tesla Model Y Air Suspension System Hinted At In Online Training Manual

Tesla Model Y Air Suspension System Hinted At In Online Training Manual

A potential Tesla Model Y air suspension system has been teased in an online training manual for the newly-released all-electric crossover. The update was shared recently in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit and later posted on Twitter.

Tesla enthusiast and community member u/kreeperkarl posted a screenshot from the Tesla Model Y training and familiarization manual, which is reportedly being shared with some collision repair centers. As could be seen in the image shared by the Tesla enthusiast, the Model Y's air suspension system is referenced in the training manual's Electrical Systems Overview section.

If the training manual proves accurate, the Tesla Model Y's air suspension system will be handled by the vehicle's front controller 12V main input/output functions. Apart from the air suspension system, dubbed in the training manual as "Tesla Air Suspension (TAS)," the front controller will also be handling other pertinent features such as the Model Y's HVAC system, condenser fan, wipers, headlamps, and side repeaters, among others.

I work in collision repair. Saw this in the new online training and familiarization for Model Y. Could be nothing....could be something. 😜 from r/teslamotors

It should be noted that the presence of an air suspension system on the Model Y's online training manual is not an absolute confirmation that the feature will indeed be rolled out to the all-electric crossover. Just recently, for example, references to the Model 3's air suspension were found in Tesla's official parts catalog. Still, CEO Elon Musk clarified on Twitter that the feature would not be rolled out to the all-electric sedan.

That being said, an air suspension option would make the Model Y an even better bang-for-your-buck vehicle. Noted car critic Doug DeMuro has already dubbed the Model Y as the best all-around Tesla due to its combination of features and its relatively affordable price. With air suspension, the Model Y will be even more compelling for prospective car buyers.

The Model Y, after all, is already one well-rounded vehicle, closer in price to the Model 3 despite being closer in size to the Model X, Tesla's largest vehicle to date. Utility and driving dynamics aside, the Model Y could end up offering one of Tesla's best rides, provided that these recent air suspension references prove accurate.

Featured Image Credit: u/kreeperkarl/Reddit

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