Tesla Model Y Arrives New Zealand For Winter Testing, Hints Fremont Production Ramping For WW Delivery

Tesla Model Y Arrives New Zealand For Winter Testing, Hints Fremont Production Ramping For WW Delivery

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Several Tesla Model Ys arrived in New Zealand, hinting that Fremont is ramping up production of the model for the worldwide delivery.

Today, Veda Prime, the Tesla container ship/delivery tracker, reported that three Model Ys arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, at ANL Warrnambool, Monday night. Since the Model Y is not yet available for orders all over the world, except North America, the most probable reason is winter testing. That's exactly what Tesla did with its other models earlier. 

According to the observations of Veda Prime, all three Model Ys are with a steering wheel on the left side and have early VINs. It seems that cars will undergo winter tests. It is winter in New Zealand now, so low temperatures and snow can create the necessary conditions for specific tests.

Together with Model Ys, two Model 3s and one Model S arrived in Auckland. Veda Prime suggests that they can also be tested after some changes. We know that Model Y has a heat pump that dramatically changes the game. It is 300% more efficient than Tesla’s resistive heating system. The slight upgrade Tesla has introduced to its SUV crossover has many advantages, including the fact that a heat pump may increase the range of the Model Y in cold weather. Perhaps in the future, the old models of the company will be optimized and their release with improvements that will take them to a new level.

The arrival of Model Ys may be a sign that Tesla is preparing to expand markets. Recently, the price of an SUV has been reduced, which will certainly lead to an increase in demand.
We also observe how the construction of a new assembly line for Model Y (GA4.5) is nearing completion. The new assembly line will help to increase the production efficiency of the Tesla Fremont factory. Also, there can be located a separate line for the production of Model Y with a steering wheel on the right side.

Tesla continues to expand in the global market. The factory in Fremont, Giga Shanghai, and Giga Berlin will produce affordable Model 3 and Model Y to meet the needs of all auto markets in the world. Tesla's expansion has already begun.

Veda Prime also reports that two Model Ys were exported privately heading to the Dominican Republic.

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