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Tesla Model Y AWD Is the Most Efficient Electric SUV Ever Built

Tesla Model Y AWD Is the Most Efficient Electric SUV Ever Built

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Driving a Tesla Model Y is not only environmentally friendly but also financially beneficial. Tesla Model Y AWD is the most efficient electric SUV ever built.

Refueling cars is a big expense. However, fuel costs are inevitable, so it is important to understand which car will be the most efficient. Without a doubt, an electric car is the best solution in terms of charging costs compared to a car with an internal combustion engine. The running costs of electric vehicles are of course also linked to energy prices, meaning that changes in supply and demand due to the global or national economy or even regional weather events can mean we pay more per mile no matter what fills up our cars. Therefore, it is important to understand the efficiency of all EV models in order to make the right choice before buying.

Battery electric vehicles are the obvious choice for fuel economy and consumption, but not all electric vehicles are the same. When choosing an electric vehicle, many consumers often look at range, but if your goal is to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint, you should focus more on efficiency than range.

In recent years, the popularity of electric vehicles has continued to grow, with compact SUVs in particular demand. According to Tesla's 2022 Impact Report, its Model Y All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is the most efficient electric SUV ever built. This car model achieves 4.0 EPA miles/kWh. For comparison, Volkswagen ID.4 reaches 3.2 miles/kWh, Ford Match E 3.1, Jaguar iPace 2.7, and Audi e-Tron only 2.6. Tesla emphasizes that its all-wheel-drive car models provide best-in-class energy efficiency as well as impressive acceleration and speed. “Greater efficiency than a Prius, the performance of a Porsche,” wrote the manufacturer.

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