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Tesla Model Y Became Taiwan’s Best-Selling Car in December

Tesla Model Y Became Taiwan’s Best-Selling Car in December

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Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in Taiwan in December 2022. The company registered almost as many Model Ys as the next five best-selling cars combined.

Tesla officially began delivering Model Y to Taiwanese consumers on December 5. Taiwan has been waiting two years and eight months since the car was first delivered to US customers in March 2020. It was not possible to start deliveries from Giga Shanghai, as tensions with China led to a ban on the sale of cars made there. The start of deliveries from the US was inexpedient. Thus, Model Y only arrived in Taiwan after the German Tesla factory, Gigafactory Berlin, was able to reach a high enough production capacity to start serving the interests of the wider market.

Model Y has become an attractive option for many Taiwanese, especially after it was priced lower than expected. Local media figures indicated that Tesla had received more than 10,000 orders as of early October. Local members of the Tesla Club expected December deliveries to be around 4,000 units, and they were right.

Tesla sold 3,598 Model Ys in December, making it the best-selling car in Taiwan last month, according to figures released by @buzzyal/Twitter. The number of sales was impressive as it was almost equal to the combined sales of the nearest five competitors. In second place is Toyota RAV4 with 1,162 units sold, less than three times fewer than Model Y. In third place is Mazda CX-5 with 1,135 units sold. Lexus ES is in fourth place with 509 sales. Tesla Model 3 also made it to the top 5, finishing in fifth place with 475 registrations.

1 Tesla Model Y 3,598
2 Toyota RAV4 1,162
3 Mazda CX-5 1,135
4 Lexus ES 509
5 Tesla Model 3 475

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