Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD Elected as Eden Prairie City Police Patrol Car

Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD Elected as Eden Prairie City Police Patrol Car

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As part of the City's sustainability program, and in support of the proposed Climate Action Plan, the Fleet Services Division has been working with the Police Department of Eden Prairie City in Minnesota on pilot-testing an all-electric patrol vehicle. Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD was chosen as the first electric car, which should be ideal as a police patrol car.

In a report to the board of October 20, 2020, requesting approval of expenses, along with other vehicles, the purchase of Model Y was reviewed.

The report states that all-electric vehicles have a higher initial purchase price compared to models of internal combustion engines, however, they also have much lower operating costs during the life cycle due to the elimination of gasoline consumption, and having fewer mechanical parts for repair and maintenance.

This statement is true, and was recently proven when the Fremont Police Department (in California) released the results of pilot programs for electric patrol vehicles. Results showed that the Tesla Model S is economically advantageous, requiring only minor maintenance, and became very cost-effective in terms of overall vehicle cost, maintenance, and fuel economy compared to its gasoline-based counterparts. 

It is assumed that the initial purchase, charging, lifetime, and maintenance costs will be the same for all-electric and gasoline models. However, the all-electric Model Y will have a very important advantage, in the form of much lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The report states that a patrol car must have a high performing drivetrain, which is capable of pursuit as well as holding passengers in the rear seats. It must also have a reliable electrical system to support the many additional devices and systems used in the service machine. It is also a very important criterion that the patrol car must have sufficient range to operate the entire shift.

After in-depth research of all the available models, and examining their performance and cost, Tesla Model Y was found to be the most suitable vehicle for this pilot program.


Fleet Services bought the new Model Y directly through Tesla Business Account for $52,290. As with any squad car, the City will incur additional expenses for emergency lighting, push bumper, and interior accessories, but these expenses should be in line with the same expenses incurred with a standard squad car setup.

Upon purchase, the Model Y will be equipped with all the same equipment as regular squad vehicles, and will be sent to patrol. The vehicle is expected to be used for general patrols of at least 100,000 miles.

According to the experience of the Fremont Police Department, a Tesla electric car could last much longer than the expected life. Therefore, the police station, in addition to the already existing Model S, also ordered a Model Y.

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