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Tesla Model Y Body Spotted at Giga Texas as Production Launch Nears

Tesla Model Y Body Spotted at Giga Texas as Production Launch Nears

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

A Tesla Model Y body has been spotted at Giga Texas in the General Assembly building. This sample was made as part of the testing of production equipment, but hints that the start of production may not be far off.

Tesla will experience another breakthrough in 2021 as Model Y production is set to start at two more factories. While Giga Berlin is experiencing delays in obtaining a final environmental permit, Giga Texas is being built at a tremendous pace. At the moment, a large part of the factory building is still pending construction, however this will not prevent the launch of production of Model Y. The company began construction on the workshops that will be necessary to start production of the compact SUV and has already installed many pieces of equipment and robots.

On June 14, Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, while flying a drone around the construction site, noticed the first Model Y body. It stood on the ground floor of the General Assembly building and may be indicative of a lot. In May, it was noticed that Giga Press began production of front single-piece casts, which was the first evidence of the beginning of equipment testing. Now, the Model Y body indicates that testing and calibration of other equipment, which is necessary for production, has begun. Since we saw a completely finished body, this means that in addition to Casting, the equipment has already been installed at the Press Shop. It may also mean that robots for the final assembly of cars have already been installed, at least partially.

The construction of Giga Texas seems to be progressing very well, without even the slightest delay. This means that the Texas-made Model Y will begin mass production over the next few months, which will have a significant impact on delivery data for 2021 and lead to a new, stunning record.

H/T Tesla Owners of Austin/Twitter

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