SpaceX Plans To Hire A 'Space Operations Training Engineer' To Establish An Astronaut Training Program

SpaceX Plans To Hire A 'Space Operations Training Engineer' To Establish An Astronaut Training Program

SpaceX’s mission is to develop advanced spacecraft that will enable a spacefaring civilization. The company’s long-term goal is to make space accessible for everyone who would like to explore the Moon, Mars, and beyond. In 2020 the company launched its first crewed mission to the International Space Station (ISS) under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. Ever since, SpaceX has launched three crewed missions to ISS, and has multiple contracts to launch more crewed flights. This year, SpaceX will launch the first all-civilian crew in September, known as the Inspiration4 mission. These civilians are the first to undergo astronaut training by SpaceX. The company also has four additional launch contracts for civilian missions booked and managed by Axiom Space, set to liftoff in 2022. Read more: Axiom Signs Deal With SpaceX To Launch Four Crewed Missions –‘A new era in human spaceflight is here'

A new SpaceX job listing that seeks to hire a ‘Space Operations Training Engineer,’ suggests that the company plans to establish an astronaut training program. “SpaceX engineers are dedicated to refining all aspects humankind's presence in space, from the performance of the vehicle they will travel in, to the innovative training they'll receive for their missions,” the company wrote in the application, “In this role you will focus on training mission control operators and astronauts how to fly their spacecraft, as well as developing new ways to streamline 21st century spaceflight training.”

The Space Operations Training Engineer(s) will be in charge of developing, training, and preparing the crew to fly aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, as well as “schedule, plan, and execute training lessons” and “script, test, and execute training simulations for operators and flight crew.” The job application also states they are responsible for teaching “others through clearly communicating technical concepts to a wide audience.” They will also “establish and administer grading metrics and success criteria for evaluating operator and crew performance.”

They will also work with “NASA operations and training teams to communicate training status, schedule, crew performance, and execute NASA-SpaceX integrated simulations” and “train to be an on-console mission operator to support human spaceflight mission.” SpaceX says that “if you're creative and have a strong passion for engineering and teaching, come join us as we work to expand access to space.” If you have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering or science discipline, you can apply for this job: SpaceX Job Application.

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