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Tesla Model Y Spotted On Car Carrier Trucks Heading To Delivery Centers


Tesla Model Y were seen loaded onto car carriers, which presumably will be heading towards delivery centers soon. Model Y delivery hints have been dropped left and right. This recent sighting may be proof that Model Y reservation holders will receive their all-electric crossovers soon. 

Recently, self-proclaimed Tesla fanboy @wilsonIam shared pictures with the community via Twitter of Model Y vehicles loaded onto car carriers. According to observations by the Tesla community in the Twitter-sphere, the trucks appeared to be owned by Tesla and were carrying Model Y units upgraded with upgraded rims.

One commenter speculated that Tesla wasn't shipping Model Y units with Gemini wheels yet. Another supported the idea, stating he had not received his notice for delivery, and his Model Y had Gemini wheels.

News of people receiving emails to prepare for their Model Y delivery have been spreading lately. Commenters on @wilsonIam suggested that Tesla may be focusing on specific customizations each week.

In a recent Tesmanian article, pictures of the Model Y's interior were shared. The images featured Tesla's SUV crossovers with an all-black interior. Although at least two Model Y vehicles wth white interior have been seen so far, further suggesting that Tesla is focusing on different customizations at a time.

The Tesla Model Y wasn't expected to start deliveries until later this year. However, Model Y production was moved up from Fall to Summer, so it makes sense that shipments were moved up as well.

With the latest pictures in mind, and reservation owners receiving notifications from Tesla, Model Y deliveries could very well happen by the end of Mark. If Model Y deliveries do start this month, Tesla could end Q1 2019 on a strong note.

Featured Image Credit: @wilsonIam/Twitter

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