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Tesla Model Y Contactless Delivery Process: Pictures & Videos


Tesla’s contactless Model Y delivery process was shared by Tesmanian’s @vincent13031925 from start to finish. He wanted to share his first-hand experience with the rest of the Tesla community. Hopefully, @vincent13031925’s Model Y contactless delivery process can give some insight to other reservation holders or those who have wanted to preorder the Model Y but have yet to do so. 

Why Contactless Delivery Is Essential Right Now

The necessity for contactless solutions emerged because of the virus that has taken hold of multiple countries. The C19 strain spreads from person-to-person through small droplets from an infected person’s nose or mouth. The virus can spread through a cough or exhalation, and the droplets can land on objects or surfaces people interact with every day. 

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for C19 at the moment. It is still being developed. So, the best way to deal with the virus right now would be to prevent further infection. As a result, governments and scientists have recommended keeping physical contact with unknown people to a minimum through social distancing and isolation.

Needless to say, social interaction almost always requires physical contact, which is the case for most business transactions. In the auto industry, car dealerships were affected by social distancing and isolation recommendations. However, Tesla already had a working sales model that could thrive in a world where physical contact should be kept at a minimum.

Tesla Model Y Contactless Delivery Experience

According to the Tesla enthusiast, his Model Y handover started much like his Model 3 delivery process. He preordered his Model Y through Tesla’s online configurator, which already eliminated physical contact between Tesla personnel and consumers long before the current pandemic took over the world. 

Tesla gets any necessary paperwork from a potential reservation holder from its online configurator. Without physical contact, the interested buyer can customize their vehicle and provide Tesla with any financial information needed to make the purchase, including whether they will be paying in cash or taking out a loan. 

After @vincent13031925 finished filling out Tesla’s online configurator for his Model Y, he received an email about a potential delivery date. Once his Model Y was ready for delivery, Tesla contacted him a few days before the actual handover.  

Tesla usually calls or texts customers once their vehicles are ready to handover. Reservation holders are given the option to either pick up their new Tesla car or have it delivered straight to their homes. In @vincent13031925’s case, Tesla delivered his Model Y to his doorstep.

There are two ways Tesla’s Model Y delivery works. First, the Model Y can be placed on a truck, and the Tesla personal will drive it to the customer’s home. Second, the Tesla employee drives the all-electric SUV to the customers’ home, wearing the necessary PPE to protect both himself/herself and the future Model Y owner. In this second scenario, another Tesla employee usually follows the first in a different Tesla vehicle. 


For his Model Y delivery, @vincent13031925 experienced the second scenario. Once his Model Y was delivered, all he had to do was sign the final paperwork. The Tesla employee left the paperwork on top of the vehicle for him to sign and kept a six-feet distance throughout the entire process. 

Thanks to Tesla's unique business model and practices, the company is still able to conduct vehicle deliveries while keeping both its employees and customers as safe as possible. In a world dealing with a pandemic, such business practices could become the difference-maker for Tesla, especially in the current quarter. 

Featured Image Credit: @vincent13031925/twitter 

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