Tesla Model 3 Became No. 1 Top Sales In The German EV Market In March

Tesla Model 3 Became No. 1 Top Sales In The German EV Market In March

Germany is Europe's largest automobile market and Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling electric car in the country in March.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, car markets around the world are on the verge of collapse. CleanTechnica reports that in March, the automobile markets of Europe are in poor condition: in Spain, a 69% drop was observed, in France 72% and in Italy by 85%, compared to the same period last year.

At the same time, the Germany Federal Motor Vehicle Office (KBA) announced that there were 215,119 new passenger car registrations in March, a 37.7% decrease from the same month last year. But, despite such a serious decline, the country registers a record share of the electric car market, which reached 9.2%.

Source: CleanTechnica

The leader among all BEV + PHEV registered in Germany in March was the Tesla Model 3, with 1,490 registrations. Renault Zoe took second place, selling 1231 cars. Other popular models included Volkswagen’s e-Golf and e-up! and the BMW i3. In total, in March Tesla was able to sell 2,263 vehicles.

On February 19, owners of new electric vehicles, hybrids and new used electric vehicles in Germany received the right to receive a purchase subsidy. And this, as planned, led to the desired increase in popularity for electric vehicles.

“Increasing the environmental bonus is an essential tool to help electric mobility make a breakthrough in Germany. With the official start of a higher purchase bonus, the electric car market is further developed,” says Reinhard Zirpel of the VDIK Foreign Manufacturers Association. VDA Automotive Industry Association President, Hildegard Müller, says: “This is an important milestone for the desired increase in electric mobility.” 

Thanks to German policy, the Germans became more disposed to buying electric cars, and apparently, they are increasingly choosing Tesla as their vehicle.

In the first two months of 2020, Tesla usually ramps up production. Due to the fact that all the company's cars for Europe are delivered from the USA, this leads to the fact that the majority of registrations are in the last month of the quarter. But as soon as Giga Berlin is built and production begins, the popularity of Tesla cars in Europe and the surrounding regions will increase significantly. The company's cars will become cheaper and more affordable, which will establish them as the undisputed favorite among all electric vehicles available on the market.

Featured image: Kyle Field/CleanTechnica

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