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Tesla Model Y Parts Catalog Is Now Available Online

Tesla Model Y Parts Catalog Is Now Available Online

Tesla has published an online parts catalog for the Tesla Model Y, which will make car ownership even more convenient for its owners.

Spare parts catalog is used to search for parts. You can determine:

  • the unique part number from the spare parts catalog;
  • find out on which other models this part was installed (applicability of parts);
  • find out the exact date of release of the car, determine the type of bodywork and the equipment; and
  • on which model this type of part was installed.

Source: Model Y parts catalogue

Using this catalog, customers and service center employees will be able to determine the original part numbers, as well as obtain detailed information about the possibility of ordering or purchasing units in whole or in part.

The electronic parts catalog makes finding the necessary parts faster, easier and more reliable. This prevents a large number of incorrect orders. In addition, the online catalog saves customers from searching for the necessary parts on various lists, since it contains a lot of information, namely:

  • information about the details;
  • part installation location (use of part);
  • which parts relate to a particular assembly (assembly details);
  • standard parts catalog; and
  • accessories.

Source: Model Y parts catalogue

You can find the online catalog for the Tesla Model Y here.

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