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Tesla Model Y Reservation Holder Gets Official Delivery This Week

by Claribelle Deveza March 11, 2020


A Tesla Model Y reservation holder received news about his official delivery date, and it’s sooner than expected. Signs that Tesla would start Model Y deliveries soon have been popping up more frequently in the last couple of weeks. Now, Model Y deliveries are merely days away.

The EV automaker has already notified Lester, a Tesla enthusiast, and soon-to-be Model Y owner, about his impending delivery. According to Lester, his Model Y VIN and—more importantly—its delivery date was assigned.

Tesmanian contacted Lester about the Model Y delivery. He told Tesmanian that his Model Y would be delivered this Sunday, March 15, 2020. The future Model Y owner also clarified that he could have picked up his Tesla on Friday, but was unable to do so.

Lester shared the news via Twitter. Based on the picture he shared with his post, Lester ordered a Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Performance with a black interior with the Überturbine wheels.

According to his Twitter account, Lester is based in San Francisco, California. His proposed location fits his Model Y delivery date. Tesla is expected to start deliveries in California.

Model Y VINs were issued just last week, which hinted that Tesla would deliver its affordable crossovers soon. On the same day, the Model Y was officially displayed in Tesla’s official mobile app.

Pictures of the Model Y were spotted by a Tesla enthusiast in the EV automaker’s Android app a couple of days before the VINs were released. The photos showed the frunk, hatchback with shelf, and all the wheel options for the Model Y.

A couple of weeks ago, Fremont had a batch of Model Y units parked outside. The majority of Model Y cars seen parked at Fremont had Überturbine wheels and other upgraded features. Many people shared that they hadn’t seen a Model Y with the stock Gemini wheels Tesla offered.

Gemini wheels come standard with Model Y orders. Based on the batch seen in Fremont and other photos of the Model Y before that sighting, people in the Tesla community speculated that the top-tier versions of the SUV crossover would be delivered first.

Featured Image Credit: @Lhuynh510/Twitter

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