Tesla Cybertruck Will Be The Best Choice for All Police Departments

Tesla Cybertruck Will Be The Best Choice for All Police Departments
Cybertruck is one of the most exciting cars that were introduced in 2019. It has a “heart-stopping” design, with better utility than a Ford F-150 and superior performance to a basic Porsche 911.

Police departments around the world previously purchased Tesla cars for police service. As it is not difficult to guess, Cybertruck interested them with even greater force.

As Elon Musk promised, the Tesla Cybertruck is not like any other pickup that we can all see today. The car looks like a futuristic armored personnel carrier, which generally matches its description. An angular exterior, a large bed and unbelievably stunning wheels. Thick sturdy stainless steel case that didn't deform even from the impact of a heavy sledgehammer. And armored windows protect passengers from even the most unexpected situations. This is exactly what is very important for police cars to ensure the safety of police officers who, for example, are caught in a street shootout.

In addition to its impressive protective performance, Cybertruck, despite its size, is nimble thanks to instant torque and all-wheel drive. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 2.9 seconds is exactly what will be needed during the chase. None of the cars will be able to withstand the speed, performance and reliability of Cybertruck.

In addition to providing excellent protection and impressive speed, Cybertruck will be very economical. After calculations, the police departments conclude that Tesla equipped with Sentry Mode doesn't need additional cameras, so less money is spent on conversion. The cost of maintenance remains very low, since in an electric car there is practically nothing to break. The next undoubted advantage is the low charge cost compared to gasoline/diesel cars.

All this makes the purchase of Cybertruck cost-effective, and reasonable in terms of security for police officers.

This conclusion was reached by the police departments. Tesmanian previously reported that Tesla received reservation orders for 15 Cybertrucks from the mayor of Cuidad Valles, a municipality in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Mayor Adrián Esper Cárdenas said the choice of this car is "common sense." He reserved 15 Cybertrucks for the municipality of Cuidad Valles for about MXN $30K or a little over US $1,550.

The amount of money he paid to reserve Tesla's pickup trucks is about a month’s worth of income, reported El Imparcial. The Mayor ordered 10 dual-motor AWD Cybertrucks, which is priced at US $49,900 or about MXN $980K, and 5 tri-motor AWD Cybertrucks, which costs US $69,900 or more than MXN $1.37 million.

In total, his order will cost about MXN $16 million, or about US $820K. However, based on his calculations the all-electric pickups could save the administration up 24 million pesos a year in maintenance costs and gas expenses.

The OPP Highway Safety Division is also keen to buy Cybertruck. In February, they posted a tweet in which they asked Musk for advice on which vehicle they should choose as their police car, Cybertruck or Model X.

A few days later their tweet was complemented by another message. They wrote that their choice is toward Cybertruck. The OPP asked if Tesla would work with them to design emergency lighting, storage compartments and a partition for officers safety.

Official account in Twitter of Kansas Highway Patrol PIO serving North Central Kansas (USA) and Dubai Police (UAE) also already expressed its interest in using Cybertruck for the necessities of their police stations.

In fact, Tesla Cybertruck is the perfect car for cops. Robust bulletproof body, bulletproof glass, 6 seats, large payload capacity, the ability to carry bulk cargo, super-fast acceleration and a formidable look. This beast is the perfect combination of the best features.

Featured image: OPP Highway Safety Division

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