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Tesla Model Y Delivery Ramp Resumes With White Long Range AWD Variants With 20” Wheels

Tesla Model Y Delivery Ramp Resumes With White Long Range AWD Variants With 20” Wheels

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Tesla Model Y reservation holders have been receiving their VINs. Reports of a new wave of Model Y VINs started in the first week of June, the last month of Q2 2020. The increasing amount of reservations holders reporting that they have received their VINs hint that Tesla may be preparing for another quarter-end push. 

According to TesletterModel Y VINs for the AWD Long Range variant with 20" Induction Wheels, black interior, and white exterior have been reported by reservation holders. A Reddit thread started by u/Brandonmxb supports the report. Based on a post in r/teslamotorsModel Y reservation holders in Texas, California, and Virginia have been contacted about their impending deliveries.

There was at least one redditor, u/Xilimyth, on the thread who received a VIN for his/her Model Y delivery for an AWD Performance (Stealth) variant with blue exterior, black interior, and 19" Gemini Wheels in Virginia. u/Xilimyth shared that s/he received his/her VIN on June 2.      

The Fremont Factory's progress since resuming work was hinted by reports of Model Y reservation holders receiving their VINs. The Fremont Factory has been up and running for a few weeks now. Tesla Fremont Factory's reopening was not an easy feat. The EV automaker was met with some resistance when a private email from Elon Musk to employees about returning to work was leaked to the public, followed by a conflict between the CEO and Alameda County officials.

Tesla appears to have ramped Model Y production since the Fremont Factory reopened. A couple of weeks after it resumed operations, the Tesla community noticed that Tesla updated its estimated delivery time to 4-8 weeks. Before the update, Tesla's delivery estimates were 8-12 weeks. 

Clean Technica suggested that the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns may have disrupted Tesla's delivery schedules and the Model Y's demand. Indeed, at least one reservation holder, u/Fog_, commented under u/Brandonmxb's post that s/he had postponed Tesla's Model Y delivery to Q3/Q4.  

Tesla may not have incurred the same damage as other automakers during the current global crisis, but it didn't go unscathed either. However, the fact that Tesla seems to be preparing for another quarter-end push is a strong indication of the EV automaker's operations are returning to at least a semblance of normalcy. Plus, Q2 isn't over yet, and Giga Shanghai has been active throughout the quarter. Tesla China even managed to start deliveries for the MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD ahead of schedule. 

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