Tesla Model Y & 3 Delivery Time in Germany Grows After Price Cut

Tesla Model Y & 3 Delivery Time in Germany Grows After Price Cut

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Tesla Model Y and Model 3 delivery time in Germany is on the rise after last week's price cut. Now the ordered cars will be delivered about four weeks later than before.

In January, Tesla cut prices on its entire line of electric vehicles worldwide. The price reduction depends on the model, variant, and country of sale, and ranges from 1% to 20%. An aggressive discounting strategy was activated in response to the economic situation. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously warned that the prospect of a recession and higher interest rates mean the company could cut prices to support volume growth with profits. He also acknowledged last year that prices are “embarrassingly high” and could hurt demand.

Initially, on January 6, prices were lowered in China, which caused an increase in the number of orders. This, in turn, affected the increase in the waiting time for delivery. On January 13, Tesla cut car prices in all of its other markets, and the effects of that are now visible.

A week after a 4-12% price cut for Model 3 in Germany, Tesla has already pushed back delivery dates by four weeks. Previously, buyers could expect their car from January-March 2023, but now it will not be delivered until February-March 2023. Model 3 is shipping to Germany from Giga Shanghai, which also supplies a number of other countries, so waiting times are expected to continue to rise in the coming weeks.

Delivery times for the rear-wheel drive Model Y, the price of which was the most slashed, by 17%, earlier had already been pushed to February to March from January to March. The increase in delivery times is rising even in addition to cars from Giga Shanghai; Tesla produces Model Y at Giga Berlin, which already has a production capacity of well above 12,000 vehicles per month. This further highlights that the company is registering a significant increase in orders following its aggressive price cuts.

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