Tesla Model Y Delivery Wait Time in China Extends as Orders Spike

Tesla Model Y Delivery Wait Time in China Extends as Orders Spike

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Tesla Model Y wait time for delivery in China has increased as orders spike. Now the time for receiving a car has grown to 2-5 weeks, compared to 1-4 before.

Tesla's most popular model, Model Y, has a growing number of interested consumers. Due to this, delivery times for cars ordered in China also increased slightly, even though Giga Shanghai was able to significantly increase production, which previously reduced delivery times. The latest expected delivery times for both the base rear-wheel-drive Model Y and two-motor all-wheel-drive Long Range Model Y are now 2-5 weeks, compared to the previous 1-4 weeks, according to the company's website. It is likely that these two variants are seeing a great increase in demand. The expected delivery date for the two-motor Model Y Performance remains unchanged at 1-4 weeks.

The expected delivery times for the two versions of Model 3 also remain unchanged at 1-4 weeks. This may indicate both stable demands to them and/or that the increased production capacity is enough in order to meet the demand of Tesla customers.

Starting January 6, Tesla has significantly reduced the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in China. Now the starting price for Model 3 is RMB 229,900 ($33,946). The price of Model Y starts at RMB 259,900 ($38,375). These are very affordable prices, which will undoubtedly interest consumers. In addition to China, Tesla has reduced prices in all markets of the Asian-Australian region.

The decline in prices for Tesla cars was expected by experts in the field. In a published announcement with the new prices, the Vice President of Tesla Global Grace Tao also explained why this happened. She said that Tesla is able to drive down prices due to the company's innumerable engineering innovations in vehicle production, which are essentially unique and superior laws of cost control. This includes improvements in vehicle design, production line design, supply chain management, and optimization at every level. In fact, Giga Shanghai has been able to increase the number of vehicles produced while reducing production costs and maintaining high margins. In addition, the decline in prices came amid calls from the Chinese authorities to companies to promote the economic development of the country.

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