Tesla China VP Confirms 1st MIC Model Y Deliveries Begin this Month as Demand Soars

by Eva Fox January 13, 2021

Tesla China VP Confirms 1st MIC Model Y Deliveries Begin this Month as Demand Soars

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Tesla in China has met unprecedented growth in demand for Model Y, which went on sale on January 1. The first deliveries of the highly anticipated electric SUV will begin this month.

On January 12, Tesla China VP Grace Tao wrote on Weibo that the first deliveries of the China-made Model Y will begin in January, and will be rolled out gradually, which means that the first customers will soon receive the highly anticipated vehicles.

After Tesla opened its sales and unveiled Model Y in China, we have already received numerous reports of sky-high interest in the model. Even after two weeks from the start of demonstrations in stores, we can still see endless streams of consumers wanting to test the new product from Tesla. Demand for Model Y is so high that customers who place an order just five days from the start of sales will only receive delivery in Q2. Nevertheless, it is encouraging that the very first customers will already be receiving delivery this month.

At the end of December, Giga Shanghai began mass production of the China-made Model Y. Over the past month, we saw hundreds of the electric SUV on the territory of the factory, which were later delivered to various parts of China. Tesla is now continuing to produce vehicles to begin delivery to customers as soon as possible.

Source: WU WA/YouTube

A few days ago, drone videos showed that there were about 350 Model Ys in the factory parking lot, some of which were already loaded onto trucks. It should be noted that 24 semi-trucks arrived at once for loading, which means that Tesla is accelerating the speed of production, and the speed with which the newly produced cars leave the factory.

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