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A noted Tesla enthusiast recently provided the first extensive review of the Tesmanian Tesla Model Y floor mats and accessories. Based on the reception from the longtime Tesla owner, Tesmanian's Model Y floor mats may very well be the mats to beat when it comes to fit, quality, and sheer utility. 

Tesla owner-enthusiast Erik Strait, who co-hosts the DÆrik YouTube channel, is an electric car veteran, having owned a Model S, Model 3, Model X, and now, a Model Y. Strait is also well-experienced with aftermarket accessories, having used many of them in his vehicles over the years. 

model-y-second-row-linersThis makes Strait's insights into aftermarket Tesla products incredibly valid. During his tests with the Tesmanian Model Y floor mats, for example, the longtime Tesla owner decided to use the interior liners for a couple of weeks before featuring them on his YouTube channel, to make sure that he gives a review that is as fair as possible. In his video review of the accessories, Strait stated that the Model Y Liners from Tesmanian are pretty much the best that he has used to date.

As could be seen in the video, each interior liner perfectly fits each of the Model Y interior's contours. This was true for each floor mat, from the driver's side to the second row and most especially, the rear trunk. The YouTube host was particularly impressed with the large Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Mat, especially since it could be folded up when needed, and it's designed in a way that access to the lower trunk is extremely simple.


It's not just about the fit of the floor mats, either. The YouTube host observed that the interior liners protect the Model Y's floors incredibly well, and based on their design, they likely hold a lot of mud and snow too. Cleaning them is pretty easy, as a quick dust-off or rinse is usually all that's needed to clean them. 

Overall, Strait concluded that the Tesmanian Model Y floor mats are arguably the best in the market today. He added that he is so impressed with the product, he will likely use them when he later gets a Model Y with a white interior. 


Strait also featured Tesmanian's other accessories, such as the Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade, which provides ample shade to passengers, and the Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Organizer, which is incredibly valuable for owners who love grocery shopping. The YouTube host added that a review for the Tesmanian Soft Cooler would likely be coming soon, since it would be perfect for outdoor trips and hikes. 

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