Tesla Model Y Floods the Departments of Motor Vehicles in China as Q3 Registrations Appear to Shatter Records

Tesla Model Y Floods the Departments of Motor Vehicles in China as Q3 Registrations Appear to Shatter Records

Tesla vehicles are flooding the Departments of Motor Vehicles in China, with the clear advantage going to Model Y Standard Range. Tesla's registrations have hit an unprecedented level, which will likely guarantee a new sales record in September, according to car owners who received license plates there recently.

Tesla cars have always enjoyed the highest demand in China, and their deliveries were limited only by the production capabilities of Giga Shanghai, which also became the company's export hub. However, it seems that in September, Tesla will register in China an unprecedented number of vehicles, as the manufacturer's cars have been flooding the Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and are clearly superior to any other brand of EV. Model Y is reportedly the most popular car there.

A few days ago, at the License Plate Center in Shanghai's Pudong New District, owners witnessed hot scenes related to Tesla vehicles' licensing. One of the owners said that he had to visit the authority twice to pick up a license plate. Due to the popularity of Model Y, it took a while to queue up waiting for his car's license plate. He said that the vast majority of cars there were Tesla Model Y.

A new Tesla owner in Nantong, Jiangsu province also spoke about the situation at the local DMV. He said that with the launch of the Standard Range version of Model Y, Tesla's popularity in mainland China has reached a new level. He also revealed that the day he received the license plate, most of the cars in the queue were also Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla's new Wuhan owners also recently shared their experience of getting a license plate. They said that on the day they registered their cars, almost all of the local DMV were flooded with Tesla vehicles, and most of them were Model Y.

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Tesla owners in Hangzhou also talked about the situation at the local DMV. They said that nearly all of the cars that registered during their stay there again were Model Y Standard Range.

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The situation at the local DMV in Shenzhen is much the same. One owner said he saw an incredible amount of Tesla cars waiting in line to get a license plate. He even jokingly said that the entire Shenzhen DMV is probably working only for Tesla owners.

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A Tesla owner in Guangdong province also shared what he saw when he received a license plate for his car. He said that on that day the number of Model Y and Model 3 in the DMV was very large, while the number of other brands was negligible.

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Those wishing to register a car in Beijing also faced an incredibly large flow of Tesla Model Y and Model 3. One of the owners said that although he arrived at the DMV in advance, he still had to wait an hour and a half in line before he could get a license plate. He also jokingly complained that Model Y sales were too high.

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