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Tesla Model Y Images From The Latest Android App Update


Tesla Model Y images were found in the company's latest update for its Android app. Redditor u/matt687 discovered the Model Y pictures and shared them with the Tesla community.

The photos give an almost 360-degree view of the Tesla Model Y. A font angle of the SUV crossover showcased the infamous frunk in all Tesla cars. Another picture depicts the back of the Model Y, featuring a cargo shelf. As noted by several Redditors on u/matt687's thread, an SUV with a cargo shelf is quite common in Europe. It is also commonly found in Asian SUVs.

Model Y App Resource Images

The Redditor also found images of the Model Y's 19" Gemini wheels with a cap and without a cap. A couple of hours later, he uncovered pictures of the Model Y's other wheel options, including the Aero 18", Induction 20", Stiletto 19", and Überturbine 21" versions.

According to u/matt687, Tesla had released an update for its Android app about a week ago, where he first found the Model Y pictures. The Redditor took the Android app's APK after the update to version 2.10.4-396 and compared it to the previous version 3.10.3-390. He found the Model Y resources were the only differences.

People in the Tesla community talked a lot about the pictures, observing particular distinctions of Tesla's Model Y. One Redditor, u/DINL, commented that the Model Y glass panes looked smaller. He or she also noted that the glass panes were split differently because of the Model Y's hatch. Even with the different glass panes, however, the Model Y was "noticeably larger," said u/DINL.

Another redditor, u/Rev-777, noticed the interior cargo space seemed to be covered. Some speculated that the covers were similar to those found in premium cars like a Lexus crossover to keep sunlight from entering the vehicle.

Another commentator, u/007meow, linked the cargo cover to the Tonneau cover found in Tesla's CYBRTRK. It would probably be awesome for the Tesla community if the Model Y had a Tonneau cover like the Cybertruck. However, a Tonneau cover for the Model Y might be highly unlikely to happen. 

The pictures spotted in the updated version of Tesla's Android app support the early delivery date of the Model Y. It reveals that Tesla has already started the groundwork for future Model Y owners access to the Android app.

Tesla Model Y deliveries are expected to start by the end of this month. Multiple Model Y vehicles were seen lined up at the Fremont Factory last week. Car carriers with Model Y vehicles were also seen on the road last week, further supporting expectations that deliveries are imminent.

Featured Image Credit: u/matt687/Reddit 

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