Tesla Model Y Is Best-Selling EV in Norway in August

by Eva Fox September 01, 2021

Tesla Model Y Is Best-Selling EV in Norway in August

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A newcomer to the Norwegian market, the Tesla Model Y, invaded without undue modesty and in its first month of sales became the best-selling electric vehicle in the country. The electric compact SUV is showing the highest popularity, claiming to be the best-selling EV in the world.

There were 16,427 new vehicles registered in Norway in August, 71.9 percent of which were EVs, according to OFV. To date, this has become a new record that the country has reached in an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint. During this period, 11,811 new EVs entered Norwegian roads, 1,309 of which were Tesla Model Ys. Together with Model 3 sales, which amounted to 774 units, Tesla took 12.7 percent of the share of the entire car market in Norway.

Total sales of electric vehicles and hybrids reached 88 percent, which is also a new record. If the purchase of new electric vehicles continues at the same pace, then Norway will easily achieve its goal of selling only emission-free cars by 2025.

And now, Tesla Model Y is the new winner in Norway, becoming the best-selling EV in August. It should be kept in mind that sales of the electric compact SUV there began on August 20, which means that Model Y has an incredibly huge potential for distribution in the country's market. The first deliveries came from Tesla's factory in China. As soon as the manufacturer's German factory begins mass production, registrations for the compact SUV will increase dramatically. This is due to the fact that this type of car is very suitable for the Norwegian terrain and weather conditions, and the price of Model Y is pleasantly surprising.

List of best-selling EV models in August 2021 in Norway (Source: OFV)

1 Tesla Model Y 1,309
2 Ford Mustang Mach-E 907
3 VW ID.4 861
4 Tesla Model 3 774
5 Toyota RAV4  721


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