Model Y Joins Tesla Service Fleet, Replacing Gas-Powered Models

by Eva Fox October 07, 2020

Model Y Joins Tesla Service Fleet, Replacing Gas-Powered Models

Tesla Model Y is joining the Tesla Service Vehicle fleet. The company's new compact crossover has been spotted with the Tesla Energy wordmark on it.

Twitter user Rome Strach spotted the service Model Y at Rock Springs, Wyoming. This car is in the service of the Tesla Energy division.

The wordmark on the car is different from the big red logo we are used to, which is usually located on the rear door. However, this is indeed a Tesla company vehicle.

Earlier, the service Tesla Model S was spotted with the same wordmark placement format. Only this car was in the service of Tesla Service.

Image credit: @BLKMDL3

Tesla Owners San Joaquin Valley/Twitter tweeted that he also saw the Model Y as a service vehicle in Kettleman, California.

It is a great sign that the company has begun equipping its fleet of the company's service vehicles with Model Y. The crossover has a large trunk (and frunk), which means that in some cases it will be able to replace the currently used fuel-powered vans.

Model Y is also cheaper than the roomy Model X, making the transition to the company's electric vehicle more affordable and speeding up the process. However, in some cases, Tesla will still need to use fuel-powered vehicles for the delivery of bulkier items.



That being said, Cybertruck will be able to handle many tasks of this nature. The pickup truck's characteristics and relatively affordable price make it an ideal candidate for use in Tesla's service fleet. This way the company will be able to cut its ties with fuel-powered cars once and for all.

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