Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Are Europe’s Best-Selling EVs for 1H 2022

Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Are Europe’s Best-Selling EVs for 1H 2022

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Tesla Model Y and Model 3 were the best-selling EVs in Europe in 1H 2022. After declining deliveries due to a production shutdown at Giga Shanghai, sales of electric vehicles from the American manufacturer have recovered and are picking up growth with renewed vigor.

Tesla will continue to increase production by about 50% annually, which will obviously lead to increased sales. The first half of 2022 has been challenging for the entire automotive industry, including Tesla. Russia's attack on Ukraine, as well as the COVID-19 lockdown in China, have disrupted supply chains. In addition, the situation in China has led to an April halt in production at Giga Shanghai, which is Tesla's export hub.

Despite the complexity of the circumstances, the manufacturer has once again proved its ability to cope with the most difficult situations. By adjusting to the new realities, Tesla has found a way to continue to maintain operations and restore vehicle production and sales. The company's result is clearly visible in the sales figures for the first half of the year.

In the first six months of this year, Tesla cars have become the best-selling electric vehicles in Europe and have become a serious competitor to cars with internal combustion engines. Both Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 are at the peak of sales, taking the first two places, leaving behind the most popular European brands. It is worth bearing in mind that despite the strong result, deliveries of Tesla cars to Europe were severely disrupted.

Tesla Model Y was the undisputed leader with 45,996 units sold. This is a significant lead over all other electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, demonstrating that the vehicle is on track to become the world's best-selling car. The excellent combination of characteristics of Model Y and its cost makes it an ideal variant for significant subset of consumers.

In second place is Tesla Model 3 with 39,075 sales. Once the best-selling EV in the world, it is gradually passing its leader belt over to its sibling, Model Y, although it still holds the second largest share of the EV market. Obviously, the demand for Model Y is higher all over the world, which is why Tesla has launched production at its new factories with the compact SUV.

In third place is Fiat 500, which achieved fairly high sales with 36,625 units. VW ID.4, in fourth place, registered 28,675 units, well behind the Fiat. Peugeot-e 208 sold 25,324 electric vehicles and finished fifth.

1 Tesla Model Y 45,996
2 Tesla Model 3 39,075
3 Fiat 500 36,625
4 Volkswagen ID.4 28,675
5 Peugeot 208 25,324


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