Tesla Releases Update 2020.24.6.9 With Minor Improvements And Autopilot Refinements


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Tesla’s update 2020.24.6.9 has started rolling out to vehicles recently, and it highlights the electric car maker’s dedication to improve its vehicles in every way possible. Based on real-world tests of the update’s capabilities, it appears that Tesla has rolled out some refinements to its software, including the performance of Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot. 

Reports of the 2020.24.6.9 update being released by the electric car maker were reported yesterday by Tesla owners in the United States and in other territories. As noted by Tesla OTA tracking website Teslascope, about 210 vehicles in the company’s fleet are currently running 2020.24.6.9. A look at the update's Release Notes shows that 2020.24.6.9 mainly contains minor improvements and bug fixes, but they do matter a lot in the overall performance of the company’s electric cars. 

A Tesla Model 3 owner and the host of YouTube's Tesla Straya channel was among those who received the 2020.24.6.9 update. Upon receiving the OTA update, the Model 3 owner decided to test out Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot to see if the all-electric sedan’s capabilities got better or worse. The tests were conducted on a freeway with moderate traffic, allowing the Model 3 to utilize its driver-assist functions freely. 

According to the Tesla Straya host, the performance of Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot did feel more refined with 2020.24.6.9. The vehicle did not gain any new functionalities or tricks per se, but the Model 3 was able to merge and follow proper lane lines smoothly without any issues. Overall, the Tesla owner noted that he was quite satisfied with the 2020.24.6.9 update, as it made his Model 3’s driving experience better, at least to a point. 

Tesla seems to be focusing right now on incremental improvements for its vehicles. Just recently, the company also started rolling out update 2020.28.2, and it included a minor but clever function that could improve the efficiency of vehicles, especially during hot weather conditions. 

“Your car will automatically disable the passenger face vents when no passenger is detected, lowering energy consumption in hot weather. This vent can be manually enabled by tapping where you’d like the passenger face vent to direct air within the climate control panel,” the 2020.28.2 release notes stated. 

More information on update 2020.24.6.9 could be accessed here.  

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