Tesla Model Y Performance With Induction Wheels Now Available & Ready To Deliver

Tesla Model Y Performance With Induction Wheels Now Available & Ready To Deliver

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Tesla Model Y Performance units that are equipped with 20-inch Induction Wheels are now available and ready to deliver. This was mentioned recently by a number of Model Y reservation holders who have shared their experiences online. The addition of Induction Wheels for the Model Y Performance adds another customization option for the all-electric crossover, and yet another way for owners to purchase “sleeper” versions of the top-tier crossover.

Prior to the recent update, the Model Y Performance could only be ordered with either 19-inch Gemini or 21-inch Uberturbine Wheels. Between the two, the Uberturbines were available only with the Performance Upgrades Package, which could be selected free of charge. The PUP provides the Model Y Performance with an improved top speed of 155 mph, Performance Brakes, Lowered Suspension, and aluminum alloy pedals. However, it also decreases the vehicle’s 315-mile range to just 280 miles per charge.

Granted, one of the best things about the Model Y Performance’s PUP is the Uberturbine Wheels, which made their debut with the Model 3 years back. The Uberturbines are pretty sizable at 21 inches, so they give the Model Y Performance a great look. Without the PUP, those who ordered the Model Y Performance had to settle for the 19-inch Gemini Wheels, which look far more conservative.

The 20-inch Induction Wheels, on the other hand, could rival the Uberturbine Wheels in terms of their looks and aggressiveness. One could even argue that the Induction Wheels are even more aggressive than the Uberturbines, thanks in no small part to their stunning blacked-out paint job. It’s also difficult to deny that the Induction Wheels perfectly match the Model Y Performance’s chrome-deleted door handles, side cameras, and window trim.

This was something that was highlighted by several Tesla owners and Model Y reservation holders over the past month. As could be seen in the tweet above, for example, inquiries were posted on Twitter about the option of selecting the Induction Wheels for the Model Y Performance. At the time of the aforementioned tweet, such an option was unavailable. 

What’s particularly cool about the 20-inch Induction Wheels is that it does not reduce the range of the Model Y Performance. This means that customers who select these wheels could have an aggressive looking sleeper Model Y Performance while still taking full advantage of the vehicle’s 315-mile range. That’s a combination that’s pretty hard to beat, lowered suspension and optimized brakes notwithstanding. DriveTeslaCanada noticed the availability of Induction Wheels for the Model Y Performance as well. 

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