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Tesla Model Y is ready for delivery in Canada

Tesla Model Y is ready for delivery in Canada

Earlier this week, American Model Y buyers in the Performance and Long Range AWD configurations received emails asking them to select a delivery date and time starting March 15th. Each of them made an order at different times, so we don't know by what principle these emails were sent.

It was expected that the first deliveries, as is customary with Tesla, will only be received by US citizens. But these expectations are most likely wrong.

Today, Canadian Model Y buyers are also having a happy day, some of them checked their accounts and saw information that they need to prepare for delivery. AnythingTesla, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, shared information about this.

A teslamotorsclub member, jd007, based in Montreal, Canada, wrote that he had received a notice of earlier than expected delivery.

"I got that to and I am located in Canada and we are supposed to have delivery not even before mid 2020 so that is strange. Wish it is faster. Got order 01-19-2020 LR AWD 20 inch wheel."

Yes, according to the information currently available, none of the Canadians have yet received an email from Tesla asking them to select a delivery date and time, but the fact that their order status is changed to "Prepare for delivery" is an excellent signal and somehow hints that soon they will receive the long-awaited cars.

The Y model was actively tested on the roads of Canada and residents of the country sometimes could observe a cars. About one year ago, Tesla began work on the Trans-Canada Supercharger route. Tesla’s Supercharger network in Canada has been limited to enable travel between a few large metropolitan areas. Trans-Canada Highway is a transcontinental federal-provincial highway system that travels through all ten provinces of Canada from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

There’s a large part of it that goes through a region with very low population density in Northern Ontario and Manitoba. This made it difficult to justify the location of charging stations in the region.

Canada has been one missing link. In the most densely populated areas of Canada, Superchargers could be used, but getting from one side to the other was difficult.

Now all Tesla owners in Canada can enjoy using their cars and is preparing to deliver the long-awaited Model Y.

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