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Why the Tesla Model Y is Perfect for Pet Parents


The Tesla Model Y may just be the perfect car for pets and their parents. There aren’t that many features specifically-made for pet parents in the car industry, even though more and more people have started traveling with their furry companions. Elon Musk changed all this with Dog Mode, and now he may have made another impact for pets in the auto market with the Model Y.

There are four main car features pet parents need to consider if they want to travel with their pets—-whether it's on vacation or just a short trip to the pet store. The durability of the car’s interior is very important because furry companions usually have sharp nails or claws. Out Door Dog World recommended vinyl interiors for pet parents, followed by leather, and lastly, cloth.

Whether it is vinyl or leather, the main objective is to have car interiors that can survive scratches, messy mistakes, and all the drooling. It should also be easy to clean—the second important car feature for pet owners. Pets are not exactly the cleanest of creatures. Fur, drool, and mud are just a few of the things pet parents know they have to clean up if they want to travel with their pets.

The Model Y checks the boxes for durability and cleanliness. Tesla’s crossover will come with faux leather interiors—which is already animal-friendly—also known as vegan leather. It is quite durable as well, and it will be easy to clean any pet messes.


Size is another car feature pet parents need to consider when getting a car with their pets in mind. Pets have earned their place in the family and should have a place in the family car as well. Small dogs, like Pomeranians or Poodles, can easily fit in sedans or other compact vehicles, but bigger dogs need space.

The Model Y has a bigger boot than the Model 3 and is large enough for a medium-sized pet crate. It also has more headroom, perfect for those big puppers who love sitting like their hoomans. Many people don’t think the Model Y’s optional third row would come in handy for adults since it seems like only kids can fit in it, but it could be a designated area for doggos. All it needs is pet belts.

Then there is the last pet-friendly car feature, which all Tesla cars already have in the bag: comfort. Making furry companions comfortable in a car is quite challenging, especially if pet owners have to leave them behind for a quick stop. Elon Musk solved this with Dog Mode, which keeps a Tesla’s climate control system on while pet parents are away. With Dog Mode, pet parents don’t have to worry about their furry friends suffering from heatstroke in the parking lot.
Dog Mode is a game-changer in the car industry and may seal the deal for pet owners when looking for a vehicle for their family. It’s a feature that accommodates everyone in the family, including Fido.

Background Thoughts

Even though it may not be a car feature strictly for pets and serves a much higher purpose, Smart Summon can be fun for pet parents as well. With it, fur babies can experience a glimpse of hooman life and how it feels to be in the driver’s seat—-literally. With the Model Y and Tesla’s Smart Summon, Fido can fetch more than a ball, but his owner’s car as well. Plus, it’s just fun seeing people’s faces when they see a dog driving.

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