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Tesla Model Y Could Possibly Equip Air Suspension In The Future

Tesla Model Y Could Possibly Equip Air Suspension In The Future

Sandy Munro, conducting a Tesla Model Y teardown, reveals that a new electric SUV may receive air suspension in the future.

For Model S and Model X, Tesla developed the “Smart Air Suspension” option, which eventually became standard on both models. It automatically adjusts the height of the car at different speeds and in different places to increase efficiency and comfort. But, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, no air suspension was planned for Model Y.

Munro is now continuing the Tesla Model Y teardown and, according to him, Tesla Model Y could possibly equips air suspension in the future. Last week, Munro believed that he had found the place where the air tank should be installed, and now in a new video he studied the suspension in more detail and pointed out several features that show that it is ready for air suspension.

Source: Munro Live/YouTube

A sticker, identified several of the vehicle’s options, such as the region for which the car was manufactured, the left-hand drive and the all wheel drive designation. Also on the sticker is indicated the car suspension as a suspension with a coil spring suspension. The host drew attention to the fact that it makes no sense to identify the coil spring suspension of the Model Y suspension if only one type will be used for all vehicle trim levels.

This prompted him to said: "I'm going to take a look at this and say - you know what - maybe what we have here is a potential for moving away from a conventional rear suspension and moving toward something like an air or magnetic suspension system."

These observations do not guarantee that the Model Y will still receive an air suspension, but Munro suggest that this is quite likely in the future. This would open up many new opportunities for car owners.

The Model Y has an off-road assist mode, and it is able to drive along grass, dirt roads and even through a shallow stream, but the air suspension would allow the car to move through more difficult terrain.


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