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Tesla Model Y Saves Driver’s Life After Being Hit by Train

Tesla Model Y Saves Driver’s Life After Being Hit by Train

Photo: NBC Bay Area

Tesla Model Y saved its driver's life after being hit by a train. The reckless behavior of the driver could have led to a number of casualties, but no one was hurt, except for the driver, who escaped with only minor injuries.

All Tesla vehicles are designed with safety in mind, so they have five-star safety ratings and are the safest cars in the world. They have repeatedly proven their ratings in various accidents, protecting the occupants from fatal injuries. Rescue workers who arrived at the scene have often noted that Tesla cars really provide the highest level of protection.

A recent car accident showed that the safety level of Tesla vehicles is indeed high. According to NBC Bay Area, on Wednesday, a Midnight Silver Tesla Model Y on the 600 block of Martin Avenue in Santa Clara was hit by a train. The driver tried to get ahead of the train at the railroad crossing, but failed, exposing herself, the passengers of the train, and those around her to mortal danger. Footage from the news channel's video shows that the car was badly damaged and its rear end was completely smashed. However, the front end of the car was almost unharmed, and the deployed airbags provided excellent protection to the driver, who escaped with only minor injuries, according to the report. Passengers of the train and people who were near the scene of the accident were not injured. Nevertheless, part of the Tesla car crashed into a nearby car.

Reckless driving is a serious threat on the road. Unfortunately, as long as cars are driven by human drivers, this will continue to occur and cause fatal accidents. Humans are imperfect, so they can be distracted, take risks,
 and make poor decisions, unlike automatic car control systems, which will always act according to the established, tested, and approved algorithms. This is the reason why Tesla is developing an Autopilot that can take full control of the car, which will significantly reduce the number of such accidents in the future.

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