Tesla Model Y 7-Seater Third Row Seats Can Be Comfortable Even for Adults

Eva Fox by Eva Fox January 17, 2021

Tesla Model Y 7-Seater Third Row Seats Can Be Comfortable Even for Adults

Photo: Tammy Issarapanichkit/Facebook

Contrary to all the comments and fears that the third row of seats in the Tesla Model Y will be difficult to arrange, and only children can sit comfortably in it, customer reviews, supported by photographs, demonstrate that adults with relatively short stature will also be able to comfortably fit there.

The information that Model Y will have a third row of seats initially raised a lot of doubt among the community. The main concerns were related to the fact that only children could sit comfortably on them. However, new photos and customer reviews that have tested the Model Y 7-seater show that the third row of seats will be comfortable for adults too, albeit not for tall ones.

kingoftowns/Reddit concluded that the third row would be great for short adults up to 5'6". His wife, 5'3", was able to sit comfortably there, although he, at 5'8", felt a little cramped. He also shared pictures of him sitting in the 2nd row and his wife in the 3rd row, and wrote that they both sat comfortably and had enough legroom.

Tammy Issarapanichkit/Facebook also shared a review of the third row of seats in Model Y. She placed an order for the 7-seater Model Y in January 2020, and after she tested the car, Tammy concluded that she would keep the order as is. Tammy is 5'4" tall, and fits perfectly and comfortably in the third row of seats, emphasizing that there is still plenty of room above her head. She also wrote that there was plenty of legroom. At the same time, her husband, who is 6" tall, was uncomfortable there.

As can be judged from the experience of those who tested the third row of seats, it will be comfortable for all people whose height does not exceed 5'6 ". Families with more than five members often have to buy ugly, gas-powered minivans. When it comes to an electric car for a large family, this issue becomes even more complicated. The Model X, although it can accommodate seven passengers, is expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

The optional third row of seats in Model Y will cost customers just $3,000. Given the base cost of the vehicle, this is a very good deal. For example, a 7-seat version of the Standard Range will cost its owner only $44,990, or $37,190 after potential savings.

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