Tesla Is a Key Ally for China in its Drive to Expand EVs & Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Tesla Is a Key Ally for China in its Drive to Expand EVs & Achieve Carbon Neutrality

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Tesla is an important ally for China in its drive to expand electric vehicles and achieve carbon neutrality. On January 16, Beijing hosted the 2021 Chinese Electric Vehicle Forum, which was dedicated to the theme "Cars and Transportation Transformation Under Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality." Tesla China General Manager Wang Hao joined the forum where he talked about how the company can help in these efforts.

Hao, in his speech, said that Tesla will produce as many electric vehicles as possible, improve the charging network, and also increase the speed of localization of parts used for production. All efforts will be aimed at helping China meet its carbon targets by 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

“Engaging more consumers in the choice of new energy vehicles will accelerate the production of cleaner, low carbon vehicles...We also propose to extend the new energy promotion policy, which has been effective in some regions, to more regions in the country," Hao said.

He stressed that, as of the end of Q42020, Tesla vehicles saved 5.637 billion liters of gasoline, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 16.96 million tons, equivalent to 90% of total vehicle emissions in China in 2018.

Hao also talked about Tesla's energy saving and emission reduction measures, mainly focusing on the following aspects:

1. By strengthening research and development of technologies and in-house development of key technologies and components, Tesla has improved the coordination of software and hardware, increased resource utilization, thereby reducing the level of energy consumption from its vehicles. In terms of energy consumption, Tesla vehicles are among the best in the EV market in the world.

2. By continually reducing energy consumption, Tesla has extended vehicle lifespan, for example through a comprehensive after-sales service system, improved active and passive safety design, and frequently updated OTA updates.

3. Tesla is constantly researching and developing batteries to reduce carbon emissions and extend battery life. Besides the fact that Tesla batteries last a long time, compared to competitors, after the end of their service life, they can be 100% recyclable.

4. As a technology pioneer and innovator specializing in energy innovation, Tesla provides consumers with a vertically integrated energy solution through innovative solar power generation, energy storage, and pure electric vehicles. To create a complete energy system for sustainable development, Tesla has developed an energy storage system consisting of Powerwall, Powerpack, and Solar Roof.

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