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Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch Step-by-Step Installation and Review


A Tesla Model Y tow hitch step-by-step installation guide and review was recently shared online by one of the electric car community’s biggest enthusiasts. Based on a video outlining the Model Y’s tow hitch installation, it appears that the all-electric crossover is made to carry and haul things, further adding to the vehicle’s utility.

Tesla owner-enthusiast Erik Strait of YouTube’s DÆrik channel opted to share his experience as he installed an aftermarket stealth tow hitch on his Model Y. The tow hitch used for the installation was the 2020 Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch - Invisi EcoHitch design from Torklift Central, which is a more affordable alternative to the electric car maker’s OEM option, which costs a hefty $1,000. 

The actual installation of the Model Y tow hitch required some DIY know-how. To accomplish the task, Strait had to remove the crossover’s rear lights and bumper. Sensors also had to be disconnected with care. Interestingly enough, the actual installation of the tow hitch seemed to be far easier and simpler compared to the disassembly required to install the part. Once completed, however, the aftermarket hitch was neatly tucked behind the rear bumper of the Model Y.  

Overall, the Model Y’s DIY tow hitch installation still required a lot of work on Strait’s part. The results were worth it though, since the aftermarket tow hitch looked great on the all-electric crossover. The DÆrik hosts opted to conduct a real-world test of the aftermarket tow hitch in action, and it performed very well, carrying two mountain bikes without any issues. 

The YouTube hosts did observe one thing when driving the Model Y with the tow hitch installed. Thanks to the bikes that were being carried by the vehicle, the ultrasonic sensors at the rear of the Model Y were being triggered throughout the drive. This was represented by a red line on the vehicle’s 15-inch display, which was a bit annoying but nothing major. 

The Model Y has always been expected to be compatible with a tow hitch, thanks in part to its crossover design. However, initial versions of the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual indicated that the crossover was not equipped to tow. This caused a wave of criticism from the electric car community, though things were quickly resolved when Tesla offered an OEM tow hitch in the Model Y’s order page as a $1,000 option. 

Featured Image Credit: DÆrik/YouTube

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