Tesla Model Y Rips The Track Like A Model 3, Will Be A Monster With Track Mode

Tesla Model Y Rips The Track Like A Model 3, Will Be A Monster With Track Mode

Recent track tests have determined that the Tesla Model Y rips the track just like a Model 3, hinting that the all-electric crossover will be nothing short of a monster with a Track Mode update. These findings were recently related by Kyle of YouTube’s Out of Spec Motoring in a review. 

There have been several reviews about the Model Y since its quiet release, though very few reviewers have driven the vehicle hard. Fortunately for Out of Spec Motoring, Brian of i1Tesla, who recently took delivery of his all-electric crossover, was willing to have his crossover tested in otherwise challenging conditions. 

For the test, the Model Y Performance was equipped with aftermarket 18” forged super lightweight Martian wheels and cheap tires that fit the Model 3 sedan. Kyle explained in his review that this was done to ensure that the Model Y could be driven as hard as possible, for maximum fun. 


Well, fun they definitely had. Throughout the track test, the Out of Spec Motoring and i1Tesla host pushed the Model Y Performance through the corners of a closed circuit. Tesla is yet to release Track Mode for the Model Y, but the reviewers were able to access Dyno Mode, and that was enough to make the vehicle feel like a legitimate rally car in terms of acceleration and driving dynamics. 

Overall, the all-electric crossover’s track review suggests that the vehicle is indeed like its sedan sibling, the Model 3. Just like the Model 3, the Model Y is incredibly fun to drive, and it can be pushed from one turn to the next without any issue. This also means that with a dedicated Track Mode, the Model Y will be nothing short of a monster. The rollout of Track Mode for the Model Y should not be a problem, either, considering that the crossover and the Model 3 share 75% of their parts. 

In conclusion, the Out of Spec Motoring host noted that with Track Mode, the Model Y could very well be the best car for a forward-thinking car enthusiast. It could, if any, pose a great challenge to vehicles considered as the gold standards of high-performance crossovers out there such as the Porsche Macan. With enough optimizations, or perhaps a performance boost, the Model Y may even be capable enough to challenge monster crossovers like the Lamborghini Urus, around a track. 

Now that’s a match that is worth a million views. 

Featured Image Credit: Out of Spec Motoring/YouTube

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