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Tesla Model Y VINs Reportedly Issued to Reservation Holders, Delivery Coming Soon


Tesla Model Y vehicle identification numbers (VIN) are reportedly being issued to the first batch of reservation holders, further hinting that initial deliveries of their all-electric crossovers is coming soon. Hints about the Model Y's first deliveries have been dropping more frequently lately, and the release of VINs would be one of the last steps before actual handovers take place.

One future Model Y owner, u/red_vette, shared her VIN story on Reddit. She ordered her Midnight Silver 5-seater Model Y Performance on March 15, 2019, and received an email last month on February 24 to complete her delivery information. The Reddit user made her order in Georgia. 

A Tesla delivery specialist called her the following week for additional details on her Model Y delivery form. So she completed all the written requirements, including entering her bank info and insurance. 

Then she was asked to make the final payment for her Model Y, which she assumed needed her VIN. The Model Y owner found her VIN when she checked her purchase agreement. 

The Model Y reservation holder hasn't received her official delivery date yet but expects to have a concrete date after she makes the final payment for her crossover. One Reddit user who commented one her post suggested that her Model Y could be delivered in two weeks or less.

Another gray Model Y Performance owner in Alabama received her VIN recently, too. Her husband shared the news in a Tesla Motors Club thread. "The VIN is in source and the Purchase Agreement," said her husband. 

A few other Model Y preorder owners announced that they received their VINs as well on the TMC thread. The release of specific orders' VINs is usually among the last steps before actual handovers take place for Tesla. So deliveries could be happening sooner than initially predicted. 

Tesla Model Y deliveries have become an example of the company's emerging underpromise-overdeliver strategy. Initially, the vehicle was announced for a Fall 2020 delivery date, before being moved up to Summer 2020. In the Q4 Earnings Call, Elon Musk confirmed that Model Y deliveries are actually starting in March, which is around six months earlier than expected. With VINs now being assigned, first Model Y deliveries are likely just around the corner.  

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