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Tesla Model Y Displayed In Official iOS Mobile App


The Tesla Model Y has officially been included in the EV automaker's mobile app. Based on recent pictures shared by u/ChadMoran on Reddit, Tesla has launched its Model Y, at least in its app for iOS devices. 

The picture shared by u/ChadMoran shows the information for a Dual-Motor Model Y Performance vehicle. Model Y configurations for Tesla's mobile app were initially discovered yesterday by another redditor user. Redditor u/matt687 uploaded Model Y pictures he found in Tesla's Andriod app after it was updated to version 2.10.4-396. 

The pictures showcased the frunk, rear, and wheel options of the Model Y. Even though the Model Y pictures were discovered with the new update, they weren't fully visible to the public just yet. Redditor u/matt687  had to search through the Android app's APK to find the pictures of Tesla's crossover SUV. 

The Model Y's appearance on Tesla's apps suggests that the electric car maker is just finalizing some details about the vehicle before deliveries can begin. Coincidentally, multiple Model Y reservation holders started sharing online that they received their VIN numbers already.

Tesmanian reported about at least two reservation holders who ordered Model Y Performance vehicles and discovered their VIN Numbers beneath their purchase agreements. One of them was in Georgia, and the other was in Alabama.

Based on the VINs released, the Model Y seen on the mobile app, and the vehicles that were seen loaded onto car carriers last week, it appears that Tesla will be delivering its top-tier SUV crossovers first. Several Model Y vehicles were seen in Fremont last week in addition to the ones seen on car carriers in the road and many people observed that none of them had the base 19" Gemini wheels. Based on people's observations, most of the Model Ys seen thus far seem to have upgrades. 

The release of VIN numbers would be the final step for reservation holders before the actual delivery of their vehicles. Model Y handovers could be at least two weeks away now that the release of VIN numbers has started. The Model Y's appearance on Tesla's mobile app only supports the thesis that deliveries will begin well before the end of the month. 

Featured Image Credit: u/ChadMoran/Reddit

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